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Here you will find additional information about my services along with posts I have writen about topics, ideas, and themes related to therapy, coaching, wellbeing and wellness. I hope these posts are helpful and of interest to you.

What to expect when you contact me

I am always happy to receive your enquiries and you are very welcome to get in touch. This is a brief guide which sets out what you can expect when you do. I will reply to your enquiry- I will…

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Healing chronic shame

I have found (and research confirms) that when we have greater understanding and gain insight about an issue which creates difficulties for us, we are able to shift our perspective. The change in perspective I observe most frequently is the…

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Ways to improve self-esteem

photo of Helen Maggie Watson sat with a cup of tea

One way we can improve our self-esteem and feel better about ourselves is to live with personal integrity. When I think about psychological concepts, I often find myself imagining a house on a street where the concept lives. Low self-esteem…

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