photo of Helen Maggie Watson sat with a cup of tea

Helen Maggie Watson

Here to help you heal and flourish

photo of Helen Maggie Watson welcoming clients

The focus of my work is always to help you heal and flourish.

If you are feeling prompted to look for the unique support provided by a psychotherapist, counsellor or coach it can be difficult to know who to choose.

I work with adults and help people address a range of issues which include: feeling unable to cope with life events, feeling overwhelmed and suffering with stress, low self-esteem and chronic shame*, dysfunctional relationships, the difficulties experienced when we live with challenging patterns of behaviour or personality traits, the hardships of living with ADHD*, emotional or compulsive overeating*, problems related to alcohol*.

Our need for help can show up in a variety of ways, yours may not be mentioned above and if it isn't listed here you are still invited to get in touch, I will always welcome your enquiry and an opportunity to explore if I can help.

If you are a fellow practitioner or trainee therapist you will be here with your own understanding about therapy. I will welcome the opportunity to support you, either with therapy or, with my unique mentoring for private practice offer if that’s what brings you here.

If you recognise the need to enhance understanding about Wellbeing, ADHD, Challenges with Alcohol, or Disordered Overeating and are planning to run a workshop please contact me to explore how I can meet your requirements with my offer of expert facilitation.

If you have found yourself here, I hope you will contact me. I will welcome the opportunity to help you heal and flourish.

*Specialist expertise