About me and how I work

Helen Maggie Watson BA(Hons), PGDip, MBACP, MAC

photo of Helen Maggie Watson at her desk analysing evidence based services

Training, qualifications and experience


I am a highly qualified, experienced, and ethical psychotherapist and coach with a passionate belief that we all have the capacity to change and grow.

My primary training, qualifications and expertise are as a psychotherapist however, following years of experience providing psychotherapy and counselling I recognised some clients wanted or needed an alternative approach. This led me to enhance my knowledge and extend my competency into coaching, I returned to accredited training, became a qualified coach, and added coaching to my integrative, multidisciplinary approach to helping people.


My personal experience and interest led me to complete the additional training which is required to work ethically with Alcohol use Disorder, Disordered Eating and to be a Clinical Service Provider for ADHD. These three areas - Sobriety, Disordered Eating, and ADHD are where I concentrate my Therapeutic Coaching provision.

I also have extensive experience and success working with clients who suffer chronic shame, little self-worth and low self-esteem.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

I am committed to ongoing training and learning to enhance my knowledge and skills; I regularly update my expertise with current evidence, research and developments in the fields of psychotherapy, psychology, neuroscience, and wellbeing. I attend training events and conferences, read relevant publications and professional journals and bring this contemporary understanding to my work.

How I work

Evidence and research

I am an evidence based practitioner which means the decisions I make about how I work with you and the interventions I make are based on the best current, valid research evidence available.

Ethical practitioner

I offer a safe, confidential, one to one, supportive relationship; working within the boundaries, principles, and values detailed within the BACP Ethical Framework. These ethical standards of therapeutic practice for psychotherapists, counsellors, and coaches always underpin every aspect of my work.

Clinical Supervision

I receive monthly supervision with a qualified, experienced supervisor who provides me with assistance and guidance. My supervisor supports me to work to the highest standards in order to provide you with the ethical, professional, best quality service you deserve.

Working relationally to create change

I will always be holding our relationship in mind. Developing meaningful connection while experiencing a genuine sense of equality and collaboration, is the key to unlocking the door to transformative work; I work relationally throughout my practice.

Relaxed and informal

My way of working is informal and relaxed. I don’t make any judgements or tell you what I think you should do. I listen carefully and provide a supportive collaborative relationship which facilitates your journey of healing leading to flourishing.


Being an Integrative Practitioner means I work in a way which draws on different theories and models from psychology, psychotherapy and neurobiology. My way of working rests on a philosophy and understanding that how we get into difficulties is dependent on our unique experiences so how I work is tailored to best fit your individual needs.


I provide services for individuals either, for a short time which may be for a few weeks, on a specific therapeutic coaching programme, or for longer term work, depending on your choice and needs. I work flexibility and I am always open to negotiate a mutually appropriate contract.

Online or in person

If you prefer to work in person, I am located on the border between East Lancashire and North Yorkshire where I have a welcoming and comfortable office which is convenient for Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley, Pendle, Skipton, Craven, the Yorkshire Dales, and surrounding areas. If you prefer to work online I am happy to work this way and I am qualified and experienced to do so.

Balance and self-care

I love my work for which I feel very grateful. To ensure I work well and provide the best quality service I limit the number of clients in my caseload. This means that at times I make the difficult choice to disappoint enquiries.