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photo of Helen Maggie Watson in a therapy session

Sometimes we need help to work through or work with a specific issue. This may be a change we are experiencing which we are finding difficult to navigate, accept, or about which we feel confused, too upset, or unable to cope. We usually function okay but just now with this issue we feel stuck and in need of professional help. The issues we bring to counselling tend to be driven from outside of ourselves. Although it can feel as though there’s something wrong with us because we think we should be able to cope with this issue, essentially we know that we feel this way because of our particular experience at this time, we may doubt it, but at some level we understand this is temporary and we have a vague sense that it will pass. Counselling can help us get to the other side of what’s troubling us and regain our okayness.

If you choose counselling with me, I will help you navigate what’s troubling you now and. I will help you to make sense of, come to terms with, or let something sink in that feels like it has happened or is happening to you. Examples include:

  • Loss, loss of a person or pet through bereavement, loss of a job, loss of a relationship, or loss of your health.
  • Being a victim of crime including domestic abuse or being hurt by someone else’s actions, being betrayed, or bullied.

Counselling tends to be shorter term and present focused; we may look back and we may check out the future, but our attention will be given primarily to the here and now.

I provide a safe confidential space and the time you need to heal and flourish. You will be heard by someone who really listens, supports you to feel whole, valued, coherent and connected. You will be supported to achieve the transformation you choose within a warm collaborative relationship.